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In the year 2022, a man can buy the most cutting-edge electronics available.

To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, technical progress happens at a rapid rate; as a result, if you don’t take the time to look around every once in a while, you can miss out on the opportunity to acquire a drone with a 12 megapixel camera that hovers above you as soon as it recognises your face. By following this guide, you may stay up to date with our weekly pick of the coolest gadgets and technologies that are available right now. This guide has you covered whether you’re searching for something simple to make your day-to-day life easier or something a bit more spectacular to make your life more interesting and exciting. To be more exact, the “something a bit special” is a tennis kitbag that not only fires tennis balls at you, but also fires tennis balls at the other players in the match.

The Nothing line is responsible for quite a few accomplishments. The design-driven company has been making waves ever since it burst onto the scene earlier this year, first with the launch of its ‘Phone (1),’ which you can read more about further down the page, and now with the launch of its debut audio offering, ‘Ear (stick),’ which you can read more about here. If you are interested in learning more about the company, you can read more about it here. The naming conventions of Nothing may take some getting used to, but the brand’s earbuds most certainly do not: they are simple to set up, extremely light, and fit snugly in the ear, and they can be charged for up to 29 hours of listening time before needing to be recharged again. In addition, the Nothing app provides you with a significant amount of control over the manner in which your music is played, and it even enables you to personalise the settings so that they are appropriate for the ear that you are using to listen. In addition to that, a really attractive casing.