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The Most Cutting-Edge Technologies And Medical Gadgets

I’ve put together a list of my favourite health-related gadgets to help you get there and feel your best for the year ahead. Whether you’re just a little health-conscious, a complete fitness fanatic, or simply looking for something to assist you getting back into shape, this list is for you. It will help you get there and feel your best.

The following list of top health technology gadgets for 2019 is presented in no particular order. In addition, as a side note, this does not include fitness trackers or smartwatches; rather, it includes everything in between, including the devices that can help improve health and fitness rather than simply tracking it.

Red light therapy is a type of light therapy that uses specific wavelengths of light to achieve a variety of health benefits, including but not limited to weight loss, accelerated muscle recovery, decreased joint pain, improved thyroid function, elevated testosterone production, and even an improvement in skin health. However, locating a facility where you can get regular therapy can be challenging, and the associated costs can be extremely high. However, the newest red light treatment device from the American brand Joovv is called the Go, and it combines the power of red light into a portable form factor. This enables users to experience the same clinically-proven health advantages even when they are on the move.
It’s called the BewellConnect. MyTens is a wireless electrostimulation device that you can wear whenever you feel the need to prevent muscle exhaustion and find short relief from pain and discomfort. The device contains two electrodes with pads that adhere to your skin to keep it in place while it administers a TENS programme using a connected smartphone app called MyTens. The specialised app guides you through the process of selecting from among 19 different settings and provides recommendations for electrode placements that are tailored to your particular trouble spots. When you turn it on, the stimulation will run between the electrodes, and depending on the setting you select, it will target either the muscle or the nerve tissue.

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which means a low-voltage current overpowers pain receptors. This is quite different from EMS, which uses high-voltage current to overpower pain receptors. The MyTens device uses TENS technology. Because the nerves that register pain take longer to activate than the nerves that register touch, you are aware of the little period of time that passes between sustaining an injury and experiencing the agony associated with it. BeWellConnect works by electrically stimulating your sense of touch, which prevents you from experiencing the same level of pain as you would if the stimulation were not present.